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Throughout the years, we have found the need for a beautiful, curated collection of

wedding gowns that are obtainable at any price range. And with this, continuing to provide brides with the wedding dress shopping experience they very much deserve. We can't wait

for what the future holds and welcome you to come shop bridal gowns with us!



Kerrie & Mallory

Founder & Owners of The White Magnolia Bridal Collection

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Her Advice: You will know it’s “the one” when you can answer three simple questions: Which dress do you feel most like your self in? Which dress do you feel most like a bride in? And which dress are you most excited to show your fiancé on your wedding day? (They will love anything you pick but you have to be excited to show them!) Once you can answer those questions…don’t be afraid to pop
that bubbly and celebrate!!


Her Advice: "If you are like me, you've thought about finding your dream dress your whole life. So when you come into your appointment, remember how exciting and memorable that moment is, and don't overthink it. This process should be fun and will hopefully turn into a moment you will never forget. Let your stylist guide you, but trust your gut. Once you feel the most beautiful and the most yourself, that's when you've found the one!"





Her Advice: "This is a fun and exciting time! Don’t forget why this is all taking place. Be in the moment as best you can and cancel outside noise. You & your fiancé deserve all the love and joy this season brings! Enjoy it every step of the way, including finding your dress. I can’t wait to assist you into the dress of your dreams for the wedding of your dreams!"